Message From: Finn Mallory , for the class

Finn misses preschool so much and misses seeing his little friends. He’s been playing with his Kindergartener siblings, riding bikes, etc. We have been watching free 30 minute preschool class videos on Facebook, Play to Learn Preschool. They even have free printables that go with the lesssons.

Message From: Ms.Haley and Ms.Brittney , for the class

Hi Friends!! 


Here is something you can try/do everyday at home without using the internet! 



Message From: Oliver Brown , for the class

Hello Teachers & Friends! We miss you!

Message From: Preschool friends!! , for the class

Wacky Wednesday! 
This weather is tricky because it looks so nice but feels chilly. 

Today look for shapes around the house or on a walk. See how a table is made from rectangles or circles for the sink, toilet bowl, or flower pots. 

Check out this website.

-Draw a picture with shapes. 
-in the bottom left there is a gray outlines picture pick one and fill in the shapes to complete the picture. 

– make a pattern with colors or shapes

Message From: Ms. Kathleen , for the class

Hello Everyone! I am seeing more and more signs of spring! I hope you are still looking around your house and neighborhood. Lots and lots of things are growing. Some leaves are very, very small still so you will have to look very closely. Also, if you are very quiet you may even be able to see some baby animals. Look at what I saw in my backyard today next to my shed!

Message From: Ms Martin and Ms McCabe , for the class

I found this so interesting!! Games are a great skill at this age. Taking turns, managing emotions, learning patience, attending span, counting, and now a historical connection. 
Fun fact: 1949–In the midst of the polio epidemic–a disease that placed tens of thousands of children inside iron lungs, and many thousands more around the country quarantined at home–a young San Diego schoolteacher named Eleanor Abbott invented Candy Land, one of the most popular board games of all time. Abbott created the game inside a polio ward, as a patient herself, with the hope of giving the immobilized children around her a momentary sense of freedom and mobility. As a way of further connecting with the kids, Abbott featured on the game board an illustration of a boy with a leg brace. Milton Bradley was quick to buy the game from Abbott. And to this day, Candy Land continues to be popular, more than 65 years after the disease was eradicated. Of course so many of us played this game as kids, but I found the back story fascinating. Who knew ? Makes me wonder …what will be invented from this pandemic?

Message From: Brittany and Haley , for the class

Hey all!!

I will post a video sometime soon with some YOGA FUN! but until then here’s a little something!

I hope your kiddos are still getting their groove on at home! Dancing, singing, jumping, tickling, rolling, hopping and twirling are things we did every day in music and movement to stimulate all parts of their brain! 

PLEASE challenge your kids to a fun game like the floor is lava, hopscotch, jump rope (most kids can’t do this is at this age, but it is a good laugh between the two of you and a great teaching moment to try something new even though its hard), rolling down a hill, practice hand stands by dangling them upside down by their feet…etc…Get creative parents!! Kids need these cross-directional/upside down experiences to strengthen their muscles and brain!

And most of all LAUGH! do anything to get your kids to LAUGH! Have all of you Lay on your backs and laugh as hard as you can for a minimum of 15 seconds…try to get to 30 seconds. YES! FAKE LAUGH! Tickle them if you have to..laugh like santa silly!!  it is called laughing meditation and releases a TON of emotions! 


Miss Haley and i miss you all!!



Message From: Miss Veronica , for the class

Hello Friends,

Her are some pictures of Hermon, Frankie 1 and Frankie 2 swimming in their new home. They are having so much fun! 

Message From: Ms.Brittney and Ms.Haley , for the class

Hi Friends,


Try making a orgami boat! 

you can make it with computer papers or newspapers 

Message From: Ms. Kathleen , for the class

I sure miss all of our St. Stephen’s students and families. I am enjoying the signs of spring and spring flowers. Have you seen flowers on walks around your neighborhood? It is fun to watch plants and flowers growing. Here are some flowers from my yard.