Message From: Zoë , for the Red class

Happy Easter Red Class!




Message From: Everett , for the Red class

Everett misses his teachers and friends from the Red class- he says Hi!

’im doing a lot of biking on my blue bike and fishing’

Message From: Zoë , for the Red class

I miss all my friends in the Red room 

Message From: Ms. Christi , for the Red class

Hi everyone! I miss you all so so much. I think about you everyday. I hope everyone is staying busy  and healthy. Over the next few weeks I will be posting some fun new things to do. Ms. Fio and I would LOVE if you sent us pictures of what you have been doing.  I hope you have been able to get outside and get some fresh air. Today Ainsley and I went out and had some bubble fun with our neighbor (six feet apart). I am posting a video for you. I hope to hear from everyone soon. Just remember that we love you all so so much and miss you terribly!!! 

Message From: Joey Hanik , for the Red class

Hi ms Christi & Ms Fio and friends! I miss you! 

Message From: Georgia Bowers , for the Red class