Mrs. Kutsko

Mrs. Kutsko

Message From: Mrs. Kutsko , for the Blue, Dolphin class

Hello all my Blue Room And Dolphin friends!  I hope that everyone is well.                    
Last week we explored some facts about the Rainforest.  Some of my other favorite themes are the Ocean and the Beach.  Did you know that most of our earth is water?  All that water makes the earth look blue when we see it in pictures from outer space.  The ocean is very deep and dark at the bottom.  There are creatures living there that don’t need sunlight to survive.

The sand at the beach that we all like to play with is made up of rocks that have been broken up by the wind, the rain and the waves of the ocean.  Sand can also contain bits of sea shells that have been broken up by the waves.  It is always fun to find sea shells on the beach.  Sometimes you can find a shell that still has a live sea creature inside it.  We should leave it alone so it can find it’s way back to the water!

Some of my favorite sea creatures are starfish, sand dollars and sea turtles.  Starfish and sand dollars have tube feet.  But they don’t use them to move around like we use our feet.  They use them to eat!  Sea turtles come out of the water and lay their eggs up on the beach. Then they go back in the water and once the baby turtles hatch, they find their way back to the ocean.

Here are some activities for you to try!
Can you crawl like a crab?
Can you swim like a fish?
Can you poke your head like a turtle?
Can you bark like a seal?
Can you twirl like a Dolphin?
Can you jump like a sea horse?
I know that you can all chomp like a shark!!                                                                                  

Take care everyone and and stay safe.  I miss you all!