Message From: Ms Tracy, Ms Gina & Ms Maria for the Green/Frog class , for the class

We have all missed our students and hope that everyone is staying safe and having fun at home!

Here are some of the things I have been doing over the last month:

While walking my dog Maria around my neighborhood and through the woods near my house I see lots of fun things like chalk drawings, messages on rocks and lots of beautiful flowers and even some animals including turtles, deer, bunnies, hawks and the occasional stuffed animal.

I have been spending time cooking with my kids, we even made mango coconut icecream and I have been playing board games and card games with my entire family.

I have really enjoyed having weekly google chat playdates with the Green class just seeing your faces makes me smile.

I have attached two different scavenger hunt activities here I hope you will enjoy!

Ms Tracy

Message From: Miss Gina and Miss Maria , for the Frog class

Hello dear Frog class!  Miss Gina and Miss Maria hope you are well and having fun at home with your families.  We wish we could see you!  We are thinking of you every day!  Let us know how you are staying busy!  

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!  


Miss Gina and Miss Maria