Parent Interview

  TELEPHONE CALLS TO PARENTS                         Date_______________

Child’s Name______________                        Class Name and Day_________

Name Used_______________                         Date of Birth______________

Mom’s Name______________                         Phone Number_____________

Dad’s Name_______________                        Phone Number_____________


Language Spoken at Home______________________________________


Toilet Trained: yes__no__ if no, at what stage:______________________

First Time in Preschool?_______________________________________

Receiving Services?________________________IEP?_______________

First time in preschool?     Yes/No

If “No,” name of previous school_________________________________


          Epi-pen ____  Inhaler____    Medicine at School________________

Health Concerns_____________________________________________


Other Concerns______________________________________________


Special Expectations__________________________________________


“SNEAK PEEK” Day: Will Attend_____  Will Not Attend______

          If so, What Day and Time?_________________________________

Things to go over with parents:

  • Procedure for drop-off and pick-up
  • Tote bags: The preschool will provide them at Sneak Peek. Let the parents know what goes inside every day.
  • Snack: we provide but they can sign up to bring for class
  • All paperwork goes to the office
  • Anything you need the parents to bring for their child that is specific to your classroom needs; pictures, items for comfort, etc…