Message From: Joey Hanik , for the Red class

Hi ms Christi & Ms Fio and friends! I miss you! 

Message From: Jules , for the Blue class

Hi Blue class! Jules misses her friends and teachers so much! She has been able to videa call with a couple of her friends, so that helps make things easier. The other day, she wrote her first sentence all by herself. She felt very proud! Here is a picture of what she wrote. What have you guys been up to?

Message From: Ms. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Working on the link/files. 
time capsule

have a great day, 

Cristina McCabe

Message From: Ms. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Hello Everyone, 

We miss seeing your smiling faces and hearing your laughter.  I hope you are having fun with your families. 

I saw this posted and I thought it would be great for anyone to do with any of their kids. If you don’t have a printer, ask your kids the questions and write down their answers. They are living through history! Also for those history buffs they would be creating a primary source that someone might use one day to see how this time was like for different ages. So cool!!

Message From: Georgia Bowers , for the Red class

Message From: Astrid Ungaretti , for the Green class

Hi Everyone!!

Message From: Colette Ungaretti , for the Purple class

Hi Everyone!