Message From: Ms. Martin and Ms. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Good afternoon Giraffe Class,

Great seeing so many smiling faces yesterday! Can’t wait to see you all again next Wednesday.

See if you can recognize which lower case letter goes with the utter case letter

pick out which one is correct:

H –  u  k  h  n

R – n  m  r  h

J –  p  d  y  j

B – d  c p b

D – h  d  p b

Message From: Mrs. Kutsko , for the Blue, Dolphin class

Hello all my Blue Room And Dolphin friends!  I hope that everyone is well.                    
Last week we explored some facts about the Rainforest.  Some of my other favorite themes are the Ocean and the Beach.  Did you know that most of our earth is water?  All that water makes the earth look blue when we see it in pictures from outer space.  The ocean is very deep and dark at the bottom.  There are creatures living there that don’t need sunlight to survive.

The sand at the beach that we all like to play with is made up of rocks that have been broken up by the wind, the rain and the waves of the ocean.  Sand can also contain bits of sea shells that have been broken up by the waves.  It is always fun to find sea shells on the beach.  Sometimes you can find a shell that still has a live sea creature inside it.  We should leave it alone so it can find it’s way back to the water!

Some of my favorite sea creatures are starfish, sand dollars and sea turtles.  Starfish and sand dollars have tube feet.  But they don’t use them to move around like we use our feet.  They use them to eat!  Sea turtles come out of the water and lay their eggs up on the beach. Then they go back in the water and once the baby turtles hatch, they find their way back to the ocean.

Here are some activities for you to try!
Can you crawl like a crab?
Can you swim like a fish?
Can you poke your head like a turtle?
Can you bark like a seal?
Can you twirl like a Dolphin?
Can you jump like a sea horse?
I know that you can all chomp like a shark!!                                                                                  

Take care everyone and and stay safe.  I miss you all!




Message From: Ms. Martin and Ms. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Good Morning Giraffe Class,

It was great seeing you all on Zoom this week! We will have another circle time next Wednesday at 10:30!  Ms. Martin will read a story and Ms. McCabe is asking you all to bring pencil and paper.

Today, I want to talk about more and less.  Do I have less rabbits then turtles?

🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇.    🐢🐢🐢🐢

Do I have more dogs then cats?

🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺.    🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

Message From: Mrs. Kutsko , for the Blue, Dolphin class

Hello Dolphin and Blue Room Friends!  I hope everyone is doing well.  I am so sorry that our school year ended early.  We did not have time to talk about some of my favorite things.  One of them is the Rainforest. Here are some Rainforest facts.                    
The Rainforest has trees that can grow three hundred feet tall!  They make up what we call the Emergent Layer. This is where eagles, macaws, bats and butterflies live.              
The lower treetops are called the Canopy. This is where monkeys, toucans, tree frogs and sloths live. Did you know that Red Eyed Tree frogs and sloths never touch the ground?                                                                                                                                                  
Next we have the Understory.  Spider monkeys and ocelots  live here as well as frogs and snakes.                                                                                                                                            
The last layer of the Rainforest is called the Forest Floor.  It is home to snakes, insects like the leaf cutter ants and frogs like the Poison Dart frog.  Anteaters and jaguars live here too.          
There are many beautiful butterflies in the Rainforest.  The Blue Morpho butterfly is a bright blue and you can see straight through the wings if a Glasswinged butterfly.  Here is a butterfly for you to decorate.                                                                                                    
There are many kinds of snakes in the Rainforest.  Some are really big like the Boa constrictor and the Anaconda.  Here is a snake I made out of paper.  Mine is green but you can make one in any color!                                                                                                      
I hope you enjoy these projects.  I miss you all! 

















Message From: Ms. Martin and Ms. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Let’s work on patterns! Find something in your home to make different patterns!

🦒🦓🦒🦓🦒 what comes next?        🦕🦕🦖🦕🦕🦖🦕 what is next?

🐶🐶🐰🐰🐶🐶🐰 what comes next?    




Message From: Mrs. Wheeler , for the Blue, Dolphin class

Hello my Blue Class and Dolphin Class friends! 

Thank you so much for all the kind notes and cards you’ve emailed to me over the past few weeks. They mean so much to me! I’ve missed you so much and I hope that everyone is finding fun things to do around the house and in your neighborhoods! One of the things I’ve noticed while I was walking around the ponds in my neighborhood are all the wonderful little animals who live right here near me. I love the turtles and the red-winged blackbirds, the frogs and the bunnies. But most of all, I love the ducks!

I made some videos for you about a funny little duck named Ping who lived in China a long time ago. Ping doesn’t want to get in trouble, so he hides…but he winds up in more trouble than ever before! One of the things I find most interesting about this story is that all the boats have eyes. A long time ago, many Chinese boats had eyes painted on them so that they could “see” where they were going. People imagined that if the boats could see, then the people on them would be safe. Sometimes, I’ve seen cars with eyelashes stuck on the headlights…I wonder if that’s sort of the same thing? 

I hope you enjoy the videos. There is one with the story, one with an art project, and one with a song. Please send the pictures of your ducks if you make one!

Have a beautiful day, my friends!
Mrs. Wheeler

The Story About Ping:

A Duck Painting:

A Duck Song:

Message From: Ms. Martin and Ms. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

It was awesome to see all your smiling faces last Friday! Don’t forget we have show and tell and story time on Wednesday! 

Meanwhile, let’s do some cutting! Remember the thumb 👍🏻 is always on top! Move the paper as you cut! Make a picture from the shapes you cut out! Happy cutting!

Message From: Finn Mallory , for the class

Finn misses preschool so much and misses seeing his little friends. He’s been playing with his Kindergartener siblings, riding bikes, etc. We have been watching free 30 minute preschool class videos on Facebook, Play to Learn Preschool. They even have free printables that go with the lesssons.

Message From: Molly – Giraffe Class , for the class

We wanted to let our St Stephen’s teachers know that we think you are SUPER and we miss you dearly!