Mrs. Wheeler

Mrs. Wheeler

Message From: Mrs. Wheeler , for the Blue, Dolphin class

Hello my Blue Class and Dolphin Class friends! 

Thank you so much for all the kind notes and cards you’ve emailed to me over the past few weeks. They mean so much to me! I’ve missed you so much and I hope that everyone is finding fun things to do around the house and in your neighborhoods! One of the things I’ve noticed while I was walking around the ponds in my neighborhood are all the wonderful little animals who live right here near me. I love the turtles and the red-winged blackbirds, the frogs and the bunnies. But most of all, I love the ducks!

I made some videos for you about a funny little duck named Ping who lived in China a long time ago. Ping doesn’t want to get in trouble, so he hides…but he winds up in more trouble than ever before! One of the things I find most interesting about this story is that all the boats have eyes. A long time ago, many Chinese boats had eyes painted on them so that they could “see” where they were going. People imagined that if the boats could see, then the people on them would be safe. Sometimes, I’ve seen cars with eyelashes stuck on the headlights…I wonder if that’s sort of the same thing? 

I hope you enjoy the videos. There is one with the story, one with an art project, and one with a song. Please send the pictures of your ducks if you make one!

Have a beautiful day, my friends!
Mrs. Wheeler

The Story About Ping:

A Duck Painting:

A Duck Song: